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Procurement Opportunities

​​​​​​Procurement Categories

  1. Commodities: office supplies; laboratory supplies; chemicals; industrial supplies; fasteners; tools; clothing; gasses; petroleum

  2. Construction: new facilities; system upgrades

  3. Equipment: capital equipment; heavy equipment; instrumentation; engineered hardware; nuclear fuels; reactor spare parts

  4. Information Technologies: workstations; specialty software; servers; services; software telecommunications services and equipment; equipment systems; personal computers

  5. Services (technical services): engineering; civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, landscaping; environmental support; environmental sampling, facility support; maintenance; university research and development


INL Forecasting Information

Note: The forecasting information below includes information on potential upcoming procurements. This information is subject to change and opportunities may not materialize.

INL Acquisition Forecast June2017.pdf


Request for Information: Sources Sought

ATR Maintenance Support Building.pdf - ends 11/17/17



Blanket Purchase Orders 

Commodity TypeEnd DateOption Years Through
Air Filters12/9/201712/9/2017
Apple Products6/30/20186/30/2023
Avaya Supplies7/31/20177/31/2020
Bulk Fuels12/31/202112/31/2026
Cisco Hardware6/30/20176/30/2017
Dell Computers4/30/20184/30/2023
Drinking Water3/31/20223/31/2022
Ergo Shoe Voucher3/15/20183/15/2021
Fasteners (QL3/QL4)10/31/201710/31/2017
HP Printers8/31/20178/31/2017
Industrial Clothing10/31/202110/31/2026
Industrial Supplies9/30/20179/30/2018
IP1 Containers10/31/201710/31/2017
Janitorial Supplies8/31/20198/31/2023
Lab Supplies (VWR)7/31/20217/31/2026
Lab Supplies (Fisher)6/30/20196/30/2024
Office Supplies6/30/20216/30/2026
Plumbing Supplies7/31/20177/31/2021
Prescription Eyeware Voucher7/24/20177/24/2023
Round/Flat Bar4/30/20184/30/2026
Safety Shoe Voucher3/31/20183/31/2023
Safety Supplies7/15/20177/17/2017
Swagelok Valves8/31/20178/31/2021
Tools and Hardware3/31/20193/31/2019





Fraudulent Purchase Orders--Suppliers and Vendors beware: Please be aware that fraudulent purchase orders are being circulated. If you do not recognize the INL contact name on a purchase order you've received from us, or you've never done business with INL and have received a purchase order, please contact us at 1-208-526-9554. Email addresses from the INL end with "" and not "", "", or "". These are incorrect.   Additionally, INL is not liable for unauthorized or fraudulent activities purporting to be from us.


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