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How to start doing business with Idaho National Laboratory

INL is always seeking qualified businesses as partners in achieving our missions. All businesses are required to be registered in the INL vendor portal. Small businesses must be registered in the System for Awards Management prior to registering in the INL vendor portal. The steps for registering to be an INL supplier are listed below.



INL's construction program is committed to "zero accidents" and partners with companies that demonstrate support of this philosophy through management commitment and strong safety culture. Construction contractors must ensure all work is performed in a safe, compliant and environmentally responsible manner. INL's goal is to achieve and sustain "zero accidents" through continuous improvement practices. Construction contractors either accept INL's DOE-approved Worker Safety and Health Program as their own or certify that they have a stand-alone DOE-approved Worker Safety and Health Program. 


INL is operated under a management and operating contract with the Department of Energy and as such, the Davis-Bacon Act applies for contracts in excess of $2,000 for the construction, alteration, or repair (including painting and decorating) of buildings or works at INL. Construction work at the laboratory Site covered under the Davis-Bacon Act is additionally subject to the INL Site Stabilization Agreement (SSA). These Site areas include all areas within the 890-square mile boundary include the Material and Fuels Complex, Central Facilities Area, Advanced Test Reactor, Radioactive Waste Management Complex, and Specific Manufacturing Capability.

The agreement is between signatory contractors and labor unions performing such work. Information regarding the INL Site Stabilization Agreement is available is available from the Site Labor Coordinator at (208) 524-4404.  Commonly asked questions and answers are available here. Construction work performed at Idaho Falls facilities is not subject to these agreements.  

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